Posted 12-6-18, Cheyenne Police Department (CHEYENNE) – The Cheyenne Police Department will host a training on body worn cameras on December 12 from 2-4 p.m. at our building, 415 W. 18th St. We have been using body worn cameras (BWCs) at the CPD since October 1 and this training will provide members of the media insight into our policies on BWCs, how BWCs work and the process for a member of the media to request BWC video.  We will also have a scenario based portion of the class in which members of the media can wear a BWC and participate in a simulated police call.

If you want to cover this event as a story, you’re more than welcome to do so, however, we encourage all members of the media to attend in order to gain insight into BWCs in the eventuality that we have an incident take place that is recorded by a BWC and needs to be shared with the public.  Therefore, if you’ve got more than one reporter who’s free at that time, we’d encourage them to attend.

Please respond if you are planning to attend so that I have some idea of how many participants we’ll have.