Posted 9-7-18, Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund (STATEWIDE) – The grant deadline for Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund’s (WCTF) grants for projects/events/activities beginning after January 1 is October 1.

The WCTF Board recently approved revisions to the grant guidelines and application form. To obtain the revised guidelines and the application form, go to the WCTF website,

The WCTF Program Coordinator will be glad to review draft applications through approximately mid-September. Drafts can be sent via email:

Please take advantage of this draft review, as she can often help catch those “little red flags” which raise questions or otherwise jeopardize an application.

Also, if you are still bouncing around a couple of ideas, feel free to call Bovee at 307-777-6312 to talk and figure out the “best possible” option.

WCTF grants are restricted to non-profit and governmental entity applicants based in Wyoming and do require a match (though the match can include cash and appropriate in-kind).